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Eggplant Parm

Lightly fried eggplant slices layered with tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella and fresh basil, baked to golden brown and topped with more fresh basil.

Eggplants are a great substitute for meat based dishes and are low in carbs! They are rich in nutrients containing a good amount of vitamins and minerals and are high in antioxidants. Eggplant can be a very versatile vegetable (can be grilled, fried or sautéd) and is easy to add to any dishes to give it texture and more of a meat like feeling . This dish is delicious, easy to make and a great substitute for chicken parm. It's honestly hard to tell the difference between chicken and eggplant when the eggplant is breaded and fried. Also, if you have some leftovers you can make an eggplant parm sub!

Eggplant Parm (serves 4)


1 small eggplant Breadcrumbs All purpose flour Italian seasoning 1 handful of chopped basil 1/2 can of marina sauce 2 whisked eggs Shredded mozzarella cheese Extra Virgin olive oil


1.  Peel eggplant of its exterior and then chop  up the eggplant into thin slices. Coat each slice in flour, dip them in the 2 whisked eggs and then dip in breadcrumbs (mix the Italian seasoning into the breadcrumbs). Repeat until all eggplant slices are coated. 2. After each slice is coated place them into a skillet with the extra virgin olive oil and flip occasionally until each side is golden brown. 3. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. 4. Get an oven safe dish and spread a layer of marinara sauce, then place a layer of the fried eggplant;  next add  chopped basil and  a  layer of shredded mozzarella cheese. Repeat this process until all the slices of eggplant are used up. 5. Place the dish in the oven and let it cook for about 15mins or until the top layer of cheese gets golden. 6. Once everything is done you can add an extra sprinkle of chopped basil and parmesan cheese to add an extra touch!

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